Americans commemorate freedom's sacrifices at Memorial Day ceremony; Attendees applaud Admiral's call to save humanity from Islamism

Memorial Day 2015 ceremony: The National Cemetery in L.A. honors veterans and their families with final resting places in national shrines and with lasting tributes that commemorate their service and sacrifice to our nation. 

Although many of the attendees had lost family or colleagues in the military, keynote speaker, retired US Navy Rear Admiral Len Hering, spoke not of pacifism, but of vigilance to defend liberty from Islamism. 

"Today we fight a global war against an enemy that knows no borders, flies no particular flag, that applies no set of rules. They do not value life as we do, and they are willing to target innocent women and children to prove a point and cause us to withdraw. This is a situation that we cannot, for the sake of our future, allow to happen," Hering declared. 

In this DemoCast exclusive video, encounter veterans of World War II and all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Benediction was delivered by Rabbi Mindie Snyder. Meet and learn about the Buffalo Soldiers who march annually in the New Year's Day Tournament of Roses parade. Music was provided by the 300th Army Band and Hollywood vocalist Elaine Dupont, recognized from her role as Ricky Nelson's girlfriend, Sandy, on TV's "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet." 

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