Obama's State Department-funded group bankrolling campaign to defeat Netanyahu with joint, Isaac Herzog/ Tzipi Livni ticket

Legislators looking into State Department’s past funding of peace advocacy group that is supporting Israeli ‘V15′ campaign, Fox News reports'- Times of Israel March 14, 2015
Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni of Zionist Camp intend to alternate Premiership

An investigatory bi-partisan panel has been convened in order to probe allegations that the US State Department gave a political group that opposes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu taxpayer-funded grants, a source with knowledge of the proceedings told Fox News on Saturday.

The news broke a day after Netanyahu told The Times of Israel that it didn’t require “a tremendous leap of imagination” to believe that the Obama Administration wants to see him gone as prime minister.
Labor's Isaac Herzog at Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv (Photo Ofer Vaknin)

Watch DemoCast original video interview with Israeli opposition candidate, Isaac Herzog, filmed at AIPAC last year.

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has agreed to look into charges that the State Department helped fund OneVoice and thus indirectly funded its affiliate V15 — created by Israeli activists ahead of Tuesday’s election as a concentrated, grassroots effort to unseat Netanyahu.

Read more: Senate said probing US ties to anti-Netanyahu group | The Times of Israel 

Meet Obama organizer working to boot Bibi

Mentored by disciple of notorious radical Saul Alinsky by Aaron Klein in World Net Daily  March 2, 2015

270 Strategies' Jeremy Bird brings Alinsky to Israel
Jeremy Bird, the national field director for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, specializes in the revolutionary tactics infamously pioneered by radical community organizer Saul Alinsky.

Jeremy Bird is largely known for his 2012 campaign role, where he was central to building what he described as “the strongest grassroots organization in the history of American presidential politics.”

He explained Obama’s 2012 re-election infrastructure, aptly titled Organizing for America, had 631 offices in swing states alone, compared to challenger Mitt Romney’s 282.

According to Politico, Obama’s grassroots network — led by 270 Strategies’ Bird and Mitch Stewart — encompassed “10,000 neighborhood team leaders, 30,000 core team members and 2 million volunteers.”

Bird’s re-election team reportedly utilized publicly available information on voters, collecting as many as “500 data points on a single voter, from his reading habits to his opinions on the economy,” according to a 2013 Bloomberg profile.

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