Israeli election special: Experts endorse Netanyahu's concerns about Obama trying to unseat him for exposing Islamist threat to Israel and the world

How do Israeli elections result in a government?    

Israel's electoral system uses proportional representation - voters don't vote for a local Parliamentarian, they vote for a party. Then the party makes up a list of preferred candidates, and allocate them seats in parliament, the number of which is determined by the percentage of the vote the party receives.

(Filmed Election Night in Jerusalem, 2009 at The Israel Project).
Because of the sheer number of parties, no one ever wins an outright majority, so the government is made up coalitions. In practice, this means that governments rarely ever last a full four-year term.

The prime minister is usually the leader of the party that can form the first coalition which has a majority.
Now, after the votes comes the haggling for the coalition. 

Seldom has a foreign election been so significant to the free world. While Israelis consider their distressed pocketbooks, they bear the weight of the free world upon their shoulders. They must elect a leader who'll defend them (and by proxy, the West) against the Iranian Islamist revolution- enabled by the Obama and John Kerry administration. The Iranian threat against the Gulf oil states and Israel is acknowledged. But Obama's threat to indirectly endanger Israel (and the West) to Islamism is hidden by the mainstream media in both the West and Israel. Will Israel be governed by a center-right coalition headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, or a center-left coalition, headed by Isaac Herzog? Israeli political thinker, Caroline Glick, analyzes the election quandry in perspective 

Column One: Israel’s next 22 months by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post March 12

... Since taking office, Obama has used the US’s intelligence ties with Israel to harm Israel’s national security.
Caroline Glick of JPost.com
He has also used diplomacy to harm Israel. Last summer, Obama sought a diplomatic settlement of Hamas’s war with Israel that would have granted Hamas all of its war goals, including its demand for open borders and access to the international financial system.
Now of course, he is running roughshod over his bipartisan opposition, and the opposition of Israel and the Sunni Arab states, in the hopes of concluding a nuclear deal with Iran that will pave the way for the ayatollahs to develop nuclear weapons and expand their hegemonic control over the Middle East.
Amid of this, and facing 22 months of ever more hostility as Obama pursues his goal of ending the US-Israel alliance, Israelis are called on to elect a new government.
Israeli party leaders, Benjamin Netanyahu and Isaac Herzog
This week the consortium of former security brass that has banded together to elect a leftist government led by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni accused Netanyahu of destroying Israel’s relations with the US. The implication was that a government led by Herzog and Livni will restore Israel’s ties to America.
Yet as Obama has made clear both throughout his tenure in office, and, over the past week through Malley’s appointment and Menendez’s indictment, Obama holds sole responsibility for the deterioration of our ties with our primary ally. And as his actions have also made clear, Herzog and Livni at the helm will receive no respite in US pressure. Their willingness to make concessions to the Palestinians that Netanyahu refuses to make will merely cause Obama to move the goalposts further down the field. Given his goal of abandoning the US alliance with Israel, no concession that Israel will deliver will suffice.
And so we need to ask ourselves, which leader will do a better job of limiting the danger and waiting Obama out while maintaining sufficient overall US support for Israel to rebuild the alliance after Obama has left the White House.
The answer, it seems, is self-evident.
The Left’s campaign to blame Netanyahu for Obama’s hostility will make it all but impossible for a Herzog-Livni government to withstand US pressure that they say will disappear the moment Netanyahu leaves office.  (Read it all in a new window
Knowledgable individuals we recorded in Washington and Nashville agreed with Mr. Netanyahu's exposing the Obama administration's strategy to not stop Israel's enemy Iran from continuing to amass refined uranium for 10-years. And these experts also objected to Obama pressuring Netanyahu and Democrats interested to listen to him- while former Obama campaign organizers operated an election campaign in Israel to defeat Mr. Netanyahu.

Sean Hannity: Obama puts Israel's existence in jeopardy; Iran 'evil needing eradicating' 

Lt. Col. Allen West: 'Obama 'shamefully" seeking to defeat Netanyahu for exposing Iran threat' 

US former-UN Amb.John Bolton deconstructs the Obama/Kerry/Jarrett strategy to tolerate Iranian nuclear enrichment rather than re-impose sanctions against the Mullahs.

(Address delivered to Proclaiming Justice to the Nations at the NRB '15 Nashville, Feb 23, 2015).
Iran developing nuclear weapons is a risk to Israel's populace. Why does Obama seek to unseat Netanyahu? Yaron Brook, Executive Director, Ayn Rand Institute

Rep. Ed Royce on Obama Democrats enabling deal under which Iran will develop nuclear weapons. Pre-Election Day, November 2014.

Three Iran nuclear terror experts at AIPAC '14: Iran's support of nuclear terror- Dr. Michael Singh;  Dr. Benjamin Weinthal: Defeating Islamism from Iran; and Nir Kalron: defeating Iranian supported jihad in Africa:

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Gov. Rick Perry on Democrat boycotters of Israeli Premiere Netanyahu's expose on Iran nukes

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Benjamin Netanyahu to AIPAC '15 in D.C: 'US-Israel alliance must survive Obama administration's sabotaging me over exposing flawed Iran deal-terms.'

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