What did black radio-host, Larry Elder say, to indicate why KABC might have dismissed him to podcasting?

Larry Elder, black conservative talk-radio host and author of "What's Race Got to Do With It: Why it's time to stop the stupidest argument in America," was fired without explanation by KABC-AM Los Angeles management last week.
"Why was Larry Elder fired? KABC won't tell him" -Southern California Public Radio 12/4/14
Libertarian talk show host Larry Elder - who called himself 'The Sage from South Central' – was a fixture at KABC for most of the last two decades, until Tuesday, when he was abruptly fired. KABC management called Elder and his agent, George Green, Tuesday night to tell them Elder was out, but Green says they didn’t offer any explanation.
“They chose not to tell him why, or to tell me why, so at this point I’m totally in the blind,” Green said Thursday.  KABC didn’t respond to KPCC's requests for comment.
Mr. Elder switched to producing his show independely, as a live podcast weekdays at LarryElderRadio.com  

At a Ronald Regan Library lunch for L.A.'s San Fernando Valley Republican Club September 2013, Larry Elder demonstrated some of ideas about whites and blacks blaming racism for black parenting-problems. DemoCast exclusively chronicled his 30-min speech on video:

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