600,000 white Londoners move-out last decade as1.6 million ethnic immigrants to London change British capital's cultural fabric

White Britons are now the minority (45%) in London
Some 3.7million Londoners classified themselves as white British in 2011 – down from 4.3million in 2001 – despite the city’s population increasing by nearly one million over the decade to 8.2million, The Daily Mail reports.

The census shows the population of England and Wales was swollen by nearly four million immigrants in a decade of 
sweeping social change.

London’s population has been especially enlarged by immigrants. Three million foreign-born people now live in the capital. 

Asians (India/Pakistan/Bangladeshi) comprise 18%. Black Londoners – including Africans, black Britons and those from the Caribbean – make up 13 per cent.  

Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch thinks that the BBC should have addressed such a serious issue less trivially
Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch thinks that the BBC 
should have addressed such a serious issue less trivially
The BBC website was criticized by readers for its depiction of the change as a ‘story of success’ in which many white Britons had moved out to live by the sea or in the countryside.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think-tank, said: ‘The BBC make a very serious mistake in addressing an issue of such importance to the British public in such a trivial and superficial manner.

‘It’s surely obvious that the main reason for white flight is because people are not willing to live in an environment which has changed beyond recognition and against their own wishes.’

White-Britons now make up 45 per cent of the population, compared with 58 per cent in 2001.

Five London boroughs saw the proportion of white Britons fall by more than a quarter. The largest decline was in Newham, East London, where the decrease was 37.5 per cent.

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