Californians challenge Hamas-rallyers attempting to project Islamist ethics onto Israel

Anti-Israel, Islamo-Marxists obtained a permit to march from the L.A. Federal Building near UCLA to the Israeli Consulate on Sunday August 10th.  In the absence of any advocacy organizational counter-protest for this weekend, Amy Hunter, overcame her inexperience by organizing a large pro-Israel rally at Los Angeles' Federal Building.  

The vociferous Arabs were surprised to see a formidable, Zionist crowd, thanks to the promotion of the Israeli-American Council. Individuals brought their own megaphones and led the crowd in rants and songs, which stood their own against the thunderous, unified chants of the anti-Zionists.

Pro-Islamists march back from Israeli Consulate to Federal Building in Westwood.

Israelis march across Wilshire Blvd to counter pro-Islamists' attempts to dominate the central L.A. intersection.

Rabbi Moshe Parry feels that in order to eliminate the present and future terror-rocketing from Islamist Hamas, Israel must suffer-the slings and arrows of war and the biased, liberal media-inversion, in order to destroy Hamas ability to terrorize Israelis. 

This Israeli-American couple addresses the true motivation of the Muslim-led, anti-Israel protestors.  It isn't about the civilian casualties, he says. They hate Israel entirely as a part of the global Islamist movement to conquer and kill the Jewish state same as al-Qaeda, Taliban, and ISIS/Islamic State.

I.D.F. veteran, Ted Felsher, whose 82 relatives were murdered for anti-Semitism in the Holocaust, explains what he feels Israel stands for- and what her enemies seek.

A mural 20-feet long delineated the history of Muslim anti-Semitic activism, particularly with Nazi Germany.  

Mr. Arlan Mitnick recalls that the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini collaborated with the Adolph Hitler to kill Jews, and after the war, Egyptian President Nasser imported Nazi war-criminals to practice their craft of political anti-Semitism. 

Jews demonstrate to the world to defeat the juggernaut ethnically-cleansing minorities in the Midde East.

Several anti-Zionists crossed over into the pro-Israel crowd to photograph individuals.  This man claimed to be a journalist. DemoCast reporter Dalit explores where he intends to publish them.
Dalit enquires anti-Zionist's intentions shooting individuals
After the police who were separating the sides departed, Arabs and Marxists crossed over to physically threaten the Jews.

(Microphone was impaired).

Rabbi Parry recounts his experience standing against anti-Zionist speakers at both the Federal Building and their speeches at the Israeli Consulate.  He offers advice for pro-Zionists.

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