Anti-Zionists blame CNN in L.A.. for bias in under-reporting Hamas' manipulated news

Anti-Zionist activist group, ANSWER organized another pro-Hamas / anti-Israel rally within a month of the march they held between the Federal Building and the Israeli Consulate in L.A.  They marched a few blocks in Hollywood to stage a protest outside the CNN building which obstructed traffic on Sunset Boulevard for several hours.

The rally was held on the 9th anniversary of Israel de-occupying Gaza- a withdrawal to enable the Palestinians to demonstrate the safety their desired sovereign state would assure the beseiged Jewish state.  The Gazans destroyed the commercial agriculture which Israel gifted them- and moved rocket-launchers to fire more than 11,000 rockets from a closer proximity to Israeli population centers. Since 2001, Palestinians have fired more than 15,000 rockets and mortars indiscriminately against Israel.

Rally-attendees interviewed revealed such unawareness of Islamist Hamas' published mission statement (to decimate the Jews "from the River to the Sea" and conquer the Jewish state as an Islamist Palestine) or Hamas' uncovered battle plan to maximize civilian Palestinian casualties by provoking Israeli retaliation against mosques, schools, and other civilian centers.  

 Omar Rashput ("The Prince of Pop") led the anti-Israel marchers for press photographers costumed as Michael Jackson. We inquired what authority he has to identify Michael Jackson as anti-Israel or pro-Palestine.

CNN moved Wolf Blitzer to Israel for 2-weeks to augment their broadcasting (under duress) from Gaza. From both locations, CNN gave extensive voice to Palestinian news, newsmakers, and spokespeople, but apparently, for the anti-Zionist ralliers dismayed by hearing an objective, balanced perspective on events (or not liking to see the casualties Hamas evoked) the demonstrators at the rally blamed CNN and Israel, but not Hamas.  

This rally co-organizer dressed herself, her daughters and other children in bloody make-up and costumes to malign Israel, not Hamas, which they excused.

Donatella Rovera, 
Children of a Palestinian-American father claim that CNN "lies" and that the news they hear from relatives is more accurate than that depicted on CNN.  

But prize-winning Israeli blogger, Elder of Ziyon reports that Ms. Donatella Rovera, who conducted research for Amnesty Int'l ,explained why "eyewitnesses" will often claim that there was no terrorist activity in the area of an airstrike and Israel wantonly and indiscriminately killed people for no reason. ... It is part of their culture to ensure that Israel is always blamed no matter what. It saturates their media. I cannot count how many times "eyewitness" accounts were found to be complete fiction, and fear didn't enter into the equation. However, many of the "witnesses" happen to work for the largest employer in the West Bank - the PA - which lies constantly.

 Similarly, people we interviewed bemoaned Palestinian losses, but justified Hamas' role in provocatively rocketing Israel for over a decade as a "resistance movement."

This Thai gentleman (who disguised himself in an Thai anti-government mask (of Salvador Dali) would not acknowledge familiarity with the global jihad (of which Hamas and Palestine are the Israeli front to) even though (according to ZombieTime, with gruesome photographic evidence) 
Muslim separatists in the southern-most portion of the country have been committing a seemingly unending series of terror attacks on Thai Buddhists, on other Muslims (apparently as punishment for not supporting the violence) and on the Thai police and military. This has been going on at least since 2004, and most likely much longer (though unseen by the outside world). The goal of the terrorists is to create a Muslim-controlled independent state ruled by Islamic law.

Interview subjects, like this lawyer and rally co-organizer, called CNN's coverage of the Gaza conflict "biased," even though they couldn't provide specific evidence.

Though the anti-Zionist rally had clear anti-Semitic blood-libel tones, no L.A. pro-Israel or Jewish organization presented any objection or counter against the march and rally.

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  1. that guy with the mike is a flaming jackazz.
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