Lawsuit alleges Ground-Zero Mosque's Imam Rauf Scammed Donors to Finance Lavish Lifestyle

Democracy Broadcasting has published original video news stories regarding Imam Feisel Rauf's Ground Zero Mosque project over it's history

9/11 first-responder's awe - and shock upon return to Ground Zero site

On eve of Obama's Ground Zero victory appearance, protestors in L.A. challenge Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Rauf / Reza Aslan's 'moderate Islam' show as stealth-jihad to mollify West into socio-political deference to Islam 5/5/11

and from the UCLA where he appeared

Now, Pamela Geller reports from the Jewish Voice of NY that:

Lawsuit: Ground Zero Mosquesteer Imam Rauf Scammed Donors to Finance Lavish Lifestyle
The New York Daily News reported on Tuesday, February 5, that “Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, founder and CEO of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, is being accused of swiping donation money intended for the ‘Ground Zero’ mosque to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.”
Regular readers of my website AtlasShrugs.com will not be surprised at this at all. We are proven right again and again, although the media never admits this. I wrote this in October 2010: 
In a piece in Forbes late last year (right before the Ground Zero mosque was announced, Imam and slumlord Rauf extols the riches of fine living. Couture! Sports cars! Cuisine! And the world’s finest prayer rugs (of course). This should solve the riddle of where our two million in taxpayer dollars were going, along with the million from the Dutch government, and his funding from Osama Bin Laden/Al Qaeda-linked Saudi corporation XENEL not to mention our funding his Middle East junkets. 
While the tenants in Ground Zero mosque imam’s slums in New Jersey suffer, Imam Rauf enjoys the finest offerings money can buy. Just last week, Rauf was summoned back to court (he didn’t show, of course) as he was cited with more than 200 housing and health code violations over the past two months. A couple of months ago Union City filed suit against Rauf.
Now it comes out that this sinister Islamic supremacist imam was financing this lavish lifestyle not just by ripping off his slum tenants and our taxpayer dollars, but by stealing from Ground Zero mega-mosque donors as well.

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