Al Gore's sale of CurrentTV channel to petro-political, Al Jazeera, met with protest in Hollywood by public-interest group, Rage Against The Media

Consumer-activist group urges Americans to switch service away from pay TV companies who bring the Qatari-funded Al Jazeera channel into American households. Group will protest leftist bias outside CNN Hollywood on Saturday, Feb 16th.

Rage Against the Media put on a demonstration outside an L.A. appearance of Al Gore to discuss his new book, The Future. Rage was protesting the former Democrat presidential candidate's complicity in providing Al Jazeera full-time channel carriage into American households through selling his liberal current affairs channel, Current TV, to the the Qatari monarchy for an American version of Al Jazeera.

Rage protested the professed-environmentalist, Mr. Gore's facilitating the advocacy of Persian Gulf, petrol interests via Al Jazeera's biases. The group was also concerned about the oil-sheikh-owned channel influencing American foreign policy- and molifying social more's against political Islamism molifying society against Islamization and anti-Semitism- as has occurred in a number of European societies, such as France and Belgium.

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The Blaze has more details about the shariah-influenced, Al Jazeera's acquisition of the liberal, environmentally-conscious Current TV.   

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America ("CAMERA") director,  Ms. Andrea Levin cited for USA Today, a specific example when speaking of one of Al Jazeera Arabic's most popular programs-  called “Sharia and Life.”

 …hosted by Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a former “spiritual guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Qaradawi has called for conversion of Europe and North America to Islam and a Muslim-led genocide of Israel and the Jews.
Earlier this January, TheBlaze covered Al-Qaradawi and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Jazeera.

A representative for Al Jazeera told Reuters that nine operators will carry the new channel, the largest being Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, ATandT, and Verizon. Time Warner, who carries Current, is taking a wait and see approach for the time being.

Organizer of Rage Against the Media, Karen Siegemund, appealed to the lecture attendees and the TV viewing public to contact their pay TV company and encourage them to not bring Al Jazeera into their households, or risk cancellation of their account.

Protest by "Operation: Can You Hear Us Now?"
at CNN Headquarters offices in Atlanta
George Mathis in Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Rage Against the Media plans to protest the liberal bias and loss of objectivity in the reportage and programming of CNN outside  CNN's Hollywood offices at noon on Saturday, February 16th.

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