World Trade Center - who died, why, and how well is Obama protecting the world from Islamism? JTF's Chaim ben Pesach on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Jewish Task Force leader, Chaim ben Pesach, asks Americans to remember the democracy our service people (firemen, police, first-responders, and subsquent military) gave their lives defending from our enemy - Islamic jihadism. He addresses the Iranian threat - and Obama's demonstrated weakness in protecting the free world from Iran's nuclear weapons- and failing to wean the country off reliance on Middle East oil.

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  1. This was very well spoken; we dare not have a muslim man again be in our top leadership position. I believe he is a "trojan horse," in America for the muslim world and political focus. We must appeal most humbly to our God and Savior, Jesus Christ again such a repeat-possibility. Art