Winds of War: Will Israel Strike Iran Soon?

If US talks don't clearly disarm Iran by end of May- will Obama put the world's safety before his re-election?

Chris Mitchell of Christian Broadcasting News in Jerusalem has produced
Winds of War: Will Israel Strike Iran Soon? a video news story with text:
So far, negotiations with Iran and six nations, including the U.S., have produced nothing. Channel 10's Alon Ben-David said the next round on May 23 is crucial.

"I think it's a make or break meeting … and if we won't see a determined international front against the Iranians or some sort of international effort to persuade the Iranians to step down, I don't want to be in the shoes of the Israeli prime minister, but he might have to take a tough decision," Ben-Zion continued.

That decision will take into account the possible outcome of November's U.S. presidential election.

"So I think that Netanyahu fears that after Nov. 12, Obama is not going to be a partner he can count on," he said. "And you can see the rough exchange between those two gentlemen is very little trust between those two leaders unfortunately."

"This is one of the reasons Israel feels that time is running out, that something needs to be decided before November," he said.

"We are getting very close to the moment of truth. There is a school of thought in most of the Israeli leadership that these are the last moments that anyone can do anything about the Iranian nuclear program," Ben-David said.

He emphasized that Iran is not just a danger to Israel.

"Just imagine the kind of organizations that exist in this region and then imagine them with the proliferation of nuclear weapons. That's not a safe world to live in," Ben-Zion concluded. "So I think there's an international interest in preventing Iran from getting that capability."

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