Muslim-Canadian patriot, Tarek Fatah, alleges 'Islamofascists exploit stigma of "racism" (blurring distinction between Islam and Islam-ism) to quell justified resistance to infiltration, subversion, domination'

Tarek Fatah: The Jihadi Hunter by Lisa Gregoire in The Walrus

Tarek Fatah (Photo: Nigel Dickson)
Provocateur Tarek Fatah wants Canadian Muslims to embrace progressive, secular values. His fans think he’s a hero; his critics think he’s exploiting anti-Islamic sentiment.

“All the people there (at Toronto’s Noor Cultural Centre) are Hamas and Hezbollah supporters,” he says dismissively. “It’s fundamentally right-wing, upper-class, bullshitting, fluent English-speaking people to fool white reporters like you.”

He is instantly annoyed.  “I’m fighting a strong evil force that is out to destroy Western civilization.”

Some people think he exaggerates that threat, I say. “I’m not in the PR business,” he shoots back. “Do you think the canary worries about what the miner thinks of him? ” He takes my notepad, scribbles down names of people in Barack Obama’s administration who have been accused of Islamist leanings...
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