Jews avoid opposing leftists' and Muslims' Nazi-esque, "Destroy Israel" rally in Trafalgar Square, to concentrate on objecting to Glenn Beck assuming Zionist leadership void- from Israel

As Muslims and leftists proclaim a narrative of Zionist villainy in Central London's historic Trafalgar Square, diaspora Jews organize no resistance, distracting themselves in opposing Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" rallying of thousands of moral gentiles to pilgrimage to Israel's defense against Islamist anti-Semitism.

Read 2 liberal Jews' positions on the Jewish reticence over "Restoring Courage" in Israel- Wendy Kaminer's piece in The Atlantic: "How 400 Rabbis are Wrong about Glenn Beck" and
Alan Dershowitz "Should Israel Welcome Glenn Beck's Support?"

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Hamas rocket attacks driving tens of thousands of Israelis to sleep in bunkers to avoid the fate of 9 of their slain countrymen, Richard Millet reports from London about the horrifying al-Quds Day terror rally in these 2 articles: As Israelis bury their dead, scenes from London…..  Lauren Booth: “Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt must liberate Jerusalem”.
"Yellow Hezbollah flags were everywhere with the flag’s usual gun emblem, which is especially menacing considering that the head of Hizbollah has said that Jews are descended from pigs and apes and that if all the Jews in the world gathered in Israel it would save Hizbollah the trouble of going after them elsewhere. I felt that the rhetoric and placards were nothing short of incitement to racial hatred and violence, not just against Israel and its citizens, but against the many Israeli tourists and residents in the UK as well as British Jews, and non-Jews, who wish to express support for Israel. Had similar threats been made against Britain the police would have acted. They can still act as they were recording footage."

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