Watch Herzliya Policy Conference live from Israel Feb 6 - 9

“The Herzliya Conference is the grand summit on Israel’s national security and Middle East affairs; the Davos of the Middle East”
Mortimer Zuckerman, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, U.S. News and World Report
Video from: The Herzliya Debate: "Can the World Live with a Nuclear Iran?"

Speakers: Mr. Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow, Center of American Progress; Ms. Danielle Pletka, Vice Persident, Foreign and Defence Policy studies, American Enterprise Institute; Brig. Gen (res.) Dr. Ephraim Sneh, Former Deputy Minister of Defence, Chair S. Daniel Abraham Center for Stategic Dialogue, Netanya Academic College.
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The Herzliya Conference is a center stage for policy assessment and analysis on Israeli, Middle Eastern and global affairs, and a catalyst for policy implementation.
The 11th Annual Herzliya Conference is held on February 6-9, 2011 during Tel Aviv business hours 10:00-21:00 (GMT-2, EST 3am-2pm, PST 12am-11am). Includes strategic directions of the key regional actors, the Middle East Peace Process, the future of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, domestic political stability in the Middle East, energy and natural resource security and geopolitics, regional and global economic governance, as well as new forms of cyber and missile warfare and the attempts to curb nuclear proliferation. Shaping regional and international policy debates, the deliberations at Herzliya will also address Israeli responses to these challenges and strategies to pro-actively confront the "soft war" launched against the legitimacy of Israel's right to self-defense, its inherent obligation to vigorously pursue its national interests, and even its very existence as a Jewish state.
The Conference provides an opportunity for leaders to launch initiatives and to deliver major public statements on the evolving policy approaches to global, regional and national affairs.

Ma'ariv newspaper editorialist, and university lecturer Ben-Dror Yemini speaks with DemoCast about what he terms "the industry of lies" perpetrated by the mainstream media vis a vis Palestine vs. Israel.

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