Democratic uprisings used to advance Islamist agenda; how do Israel and American leaders see it?

Mosab "Son of Hamas" Hasan Yousef  whistleblows to Rabbi David Eliezre
that Islamic supremacism is at the core of populist movements
Muslim and Jewish insiders reveal  the true intentions of the Islamic revolution against the West - and how Israeli and American leaders, respectively, are inclined to respond to it.

(All video from DemoCast and JooTube, courtesy AvidEditor.Wordpress.com)
Segments include:
  1. Nonie Darwish (Former Muslims United) and Manu Bakh (EscapingIslam.com);
  2. Author Salman Rushdie expressing pessimism about reforming Islam;
  3. Dr. Tawfik Hamid explaining how Jew-hatred underlies the movement for Palestinian statehood;
  4. A pro-Palestinian politcal demonstration against the Israeli Navy's flotilla blockade in L.A. in June. Arab-Americans set-upon a 16-year old waving an Israeli flag with chants of "Allahu akhbar- Allah is the greater God."
  5. Israeli Knesset Member Dr. Arye Eldad responds to Iran's exploiting the Islamic uprisings to flex its muscles against Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia. And he cautions the US Administration against considering serving-up Israel as a rationale for retaliation against an Iranian-proxy war against the Jewish State.
  6. First-Lady Michelle Obama's cousin, Hebrew-Israelite converted Rabbi Capers Funnye of Chicago denies knowledge of what effect 20-years of immersion under the anti-Zionist, Nation of Islam-feting, tutelage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright had on the First-Couple's regard for Israel. (Authorization to use the video is shown because he contested having given authorization and had YouTube remove the video).
  7. Finally, for Westerners seeking an simple resolution to the Arab-"Israeli" conflict, the great thinker, historian, and clairvoyant- the Amazing Kreskin - reminds us that religious wars are typically the longest wars in history.

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