Former US Amb. to UN John Bolton encourages Israeli-Americans to energize PR efforts, in the case that Israel is forced to pre-emptively strike Iran to prevent a multi-polar, nuclear Middle-East war

Franklin D. Roosevelt rationalized giving U.S. ships the right to pre-emptively strike Nazi U-Boats before America had been attacked at Pearl Harbor with the metaphor, "When you encounter a rattlesnake threatening to strike, you don't wait for it to happen."

Speaking at the Annual Israeli Leadership Council, Amb. John Bolton said that the West's diplomatic and sanctions failures have foisted an enormous, unfair burden on Israel.

He feels that the Obama Administration wrongly opposes pre-emptive military action against Iran by the U.S. - even though the U.S. military would have a greater effectiveness of setting-back Iran's nuclear weapons factories.

Also, since Obama officially opposes a pre-emptive military option against Iran, unilateral Israeli action would spur Obama to join multi-national condemning of Israel, putting Israel in line for U.N. and media vilifying.  As demonstrated during Israel's defensive Gaza Operation Cast Lead last year, Anti-Semitism towards Jews throughout the world grows as a result of such popular, condemning of Israel by goverment and media.

In this DemoCast-exclusive online newsvideo, Amb. Bolton states that it's time to lay the groundwork now to support Israel after the military strike. A pre-emptive strike would set-back the nuclear weapons program, and buy some time to effect regime change in Iran.

Amb. Bolton said, "If Israel strikes, it will not be disproportionate. Israel will be acting in its legitimate self-defense. That attack will also be in the interest of the United States."

"Israelis and Americans have in common an absolutely clear-eyed realism to threats of national security. That's what we need today, we need it here, and we need it in Washington, in particular."