'Documentary "U.N. Me" depicts institutionalized corruption, complicity to terrorism, genocide,' director Ami Horowitz tells DemoCast in Washington

In a film that exposes the incompetence and corruption at the heart of the United Nations, filmmakers Ami Horowitz and Matthew Groff show how an organization created to enoble mankind now actually enables evil and sows global chaos. U.N. Me takes us on a harrowing and darkly humorous tour of the U.N.'s scandalous disregard for the people and principles it was founded to defend.

Director Ami Horowitz spoke with DemoCast.TV about his team's documentary at a preview held at the annual CPAC convention in Washington, DC.

The film addresses how the organization that ought to be leading the international effort to eradicate terrorism cannot, seven years after 9/11, agree on a definition of "terrorism."

Also, how the U.N.'s Human Rights Council prolonged the genocide in Darfur by attempting to discredit the urgent recommendations of its own investigative team.

Balancing these stories against exclusive interviews with former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, former CIA Director James Woolsey, former U.N. weapons inspector Charles Duelfer, Nobel laureate Jody Williams, and others, U.N. Me delivers an unforgettable account of how the world's foremost humanitarian organization has become the clubhouse of dictators, thugs, and tyrants.

Ami Horowitz will discuss the film following a screening by StandWithUs at Beverly Hills' Writers Guild Theater on Wednesday evening.