'A tolerant West should assume a zero- tolerance policy against Islamic supremacism,' Aussie PM John Howard visiting U.S. Museum of Tolerance

Lessons-learned: Liberal Europe's trusting that appeasing Nazi Germany by ceding the Sudentenland would keep them safe from Nazi imperialism - ought to be applied today in strategies towards Islamism,' advises Aussie former-Prime Minister John Howard, who spoke 26 September at L.A.'s Museum of Tolerance.

"They have infinite patience, as well as infinite hostility," he said. "Never surrender when you're confronted with evil. We have to maintain a vigilance, we have to persevere."

The folly of Western liberalism to hope appeasing aggressors to avoid war (gleaned from Neville Chamberlain's Munich Agreement to concede Czechoslovakia's Sudentenland to Herr Hitler) actually results in more painful, costly war later. This should guide Western policies toward modern Islamism, Mr. Howard believes.

Mr. Howard claims that the West shouldn't appease, but adopt and maintain a vigilant, cultural and military resistance against tyrannical and imperialist Islamism. He is introduced by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Associate Dean at Simon Wiesenthal Center). Museum of Tolerance's Director, Liebe Geft, toured PM Howard around the Museum, a testament that Western Europe's naive tolerance of supremacist Nazism cost Europe the world's largest loss of life in human history, World War II and the Holocaust.

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  1. While it sounds like Mr Howard sees the real threat. The fact remains that during his tenure as Australian PM, he allowed radical islamists to build mosques, hold virulently anti-western protests and did little to control muslim violence against native Aussies.

    PM Blair did the same in Britain, which is now slipping under muslim rule, while he (Blair) is now traveling the world telling one and all about the dangers of islam. All the while letting his own country slip into submission.

    Both these esteemed men should have put their money where their mouth is while they were in a position to actually do something about it.