How would Obama's softness-on-Islamism reckon America with the God of Israel?

Critic Hanoch W. Weber wrote about the possibility of divine intervention in politics against the Jewish guardianship of Israel in Israel Insider: "So you think God does not exist"

The first rule of Western journalism, at least for the past century, has been never to explain any phenomenon by reference to divine intervention. Largely as a result of the increasing secularization of Western society, that rule has been strictly adhered to, so that today no "self-respecting" major newspaper, radio or TV station would dare abrogate the no-God rule.

However, it is particularly difficult for most Israelis -- especially in the past year and a half -- to ignore the great signs that the Lord has brought unto His people in His land. Despite the Israeli media's insistence on "God-free" reporting, the people seem more and more skeptical of its claim -- that God is not part of history and that His hand is not guiding and affecting events. Thus, the intentional ignoring and ignorance on the part of the media as to the real essence of the big events occurring in Israel, is a major cause of the disconnection and alienation between the Israeli media and the Israeli people.
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