'Are Bush, Rice, Olmert, & Abbas dismantling Israel for Palestine as a quid-pro-quo for their own future employers?'- Judean pioneer, Elyakim HaEtzni

Attorney Elyakim HaEtzni, advocate for the preservation of Judea and Samaria (and ex-Israeli Parliamentarian), explains the existential threat that establishing a Palestinian sovereignty would create.

He calls on the world to actively oppose Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice's Olmert/Abbas formal document with the resolution of all "core issues," to be signed by Israeli and Palestinian leaders before January (a final deadline when both President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert leave office). Video-recorded August 29, 2008 at the Days of Elijah Conference in Fort Worth. Video courtesy: Battalion of Deborah via Unity Coalition for Israel.

Mr. HaEtzni's published articles are archived at Israel National News.

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