The Republican Convention's withheld biography of American Vice Presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin

At the Republican National Convention, Mayor Rudy Giulliani's introduction of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ran over-time. The RNC prepared a biography video, which to keep ahead of TV schedule, they pre-empted showing. This enabled her to complete her speech- which was viewed by 37.2 million American households. Here (courtesy of Stop the ACLU) is 'The Sarah Palin video biography'.

How viewers watched Gov. Palin's subsequent speech: MSNBC.com reports: "Fox News Channel led the way Wednesday, with 9.2 million people watching Palin’s speech on the cable channel. It was the third-largest audience in its history, behind only President Bush’s speech on Iraq in March 2003 and a Bush-Kerry presidential debate in 2004.

For each night of the GOP convention so far, Fox’s audience has been bigger than any of the other cable or broadcast networks. That duplicates a feat accomplished at the 2004 Republican convention for Fox, the first time a cable network had outdrawn broadcasters for a major news event.

NBC had 7.7 million viewers for Palin’s speech, followed in order by CNN, ABC, CBS and MSNBC, Nielsen said.

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