Saudi Arabian socio-religious incitement (not Palestine vs Israel) true fuel of global jihad

(Democracy Broadcasting News Exclusive) 'Israeli conflict is actually just a red-herring for Islamist global conquest,' reveals Islamist whistleblower, Dr. Tawfik Hamid

Jihadist-reformer, Egyptian Dr. Tawfik Hamid, reveals how Islamism conspires to conquer the West through a campaign of economic destabilization and socio-political revolution. Dr. Hamid believes the Saudis are institutionally fundamentalizing Islam to increase their socio-religious hegemony throughout the world.

The Israel-Palestine conflict, he reveals, is Islamism's red-herring - effective in confusing the West about the true nature of the global Islamist imperialist movement.

Dr. Hamid illuminates the relationship between Saudi oil affluence and Islamist anti-Zionism. The Saudi's rationalized their oil-affluence upon their fundamentalism, he explains, in their promoting themselves and their fundamentalism throughout the Muslim world - which has been widely accepted.

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