'Islamic nations exploit the United Nations to shutter free-speech globally'- Pat Condell

British, Pro-democracy watchdog, Pat Condell, releases new diatribe against the conspiracy of the Organization of Islamic States and their commandeering of the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

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  1. islam is NOT a religion, islam IS a CULT. Do a bit of research. Find ONE example of where the followers of the islamic CULT ever rioted, maimed or murdered because someone insulted GOD, or allah. You won't find it. YET, if you want to see the followers of the islamic CULT go bananas, say something about moe hamm ed or the ko ran. A man(?) who promoted pedophila, murder of those who refused to join the islamic CULT, lying for the sake of cheating a non-islamic CULT business partner, etc. or a book telling a follower of the islamic CULT how to be a vile and disgusting barbarian, now that is something to riot about.

    When people follow a man and ignore insults to GOD the ALMIGHTY, they do NOT belong to a religion, but they ARE followers of a CULT. In the 1930s and 1940s many Germans treated hitler in the same manner as followers of the islamic CULT treat moe hamm ed.

    SAVE the WORLD, avoid contact with the islamic CULT.