Islamists commandeer U Cal Irvine for racist hate crusade against the Jewish state

Israel Independence Week marred by racist Jew-hate fest on University of California Los Angeles-area campus.

The Muslim Students Union again co-opts the University of California-Irvine campus to mimic the Nazi-Party by advancing political Islamism through the guise of publicly debasing Zionism.

The public is encouraged to oppose "The Palestinian Holocaust" public event series being staged there though Thursday evening, 15th May. Israeli history revisionist, UK Exeter Prof. Ilan Pappe, will produce "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Reut R. Cohen documents some of the trouble (including video of the Islamist 'Passion-Play,' entitled "Checkpoint" courtesy of the intrepid O.C. Rabbi Yonah Bookstein) at this Islamist beach-head on the idyllic Southern California campus.

The Freedom Center's FrontPageMagazine denounces this week-long Nakba event. David Horowitz will present, "On-campus support for a new Holocaust," Tuesday evening 7:30pm in Room 101 Rowland Hall.


  1. The "school girl" at 2:00 is wearing a keffiyeh. Can't they even get the costumes right?

  2. This is just sick. Do you know of a recording of Horowitz lecture? I want to hear it. Keep up the great work.

  3. Why We Are Suspicious of Muslims by UCI Faculty-member

    We had hoped that, after 9-11, American Muslims would have stood up and proclaimed to the Islamic world that they reject terror and stand with their nation in opposition to it. We have been disappointed.

    We want to believe the phrase, "Islam is a religion of peace", but it is increasingly difficult to do so.

    Also, the actions of many Muslim Student Organizations on numerous university campuses have only added fuel to the fire and increased suspicion. Many of the speakers they sponsor to come onto the campuses are virulent, racist, anti-Semitic, glorifying of terrorists and condemning of America as well. UCI is a prime example. When your sponsored speakers regularly speak in praise of Hamas and Hizbollah and condemn our own country, how can ordinary Americans feel that you are loyal?

    Can Muslim immigrants really assimilate into our tolerant, open and democratic societies? Or is Islam incompatible with our form of society and our values?

    Muslims should, indeed, defend Islam. But they don't need to defend it from non-Muslims. They need to defend it-to the death-from those violent terrorist elements that are bringing disrepute to Islam in the eyes of the entire non-Muslim world.

    If Muslims in America are willing to accept our values, warts and all, assimilate and be loyal, then they should be welcome and free to practice their religion in a peaceful and tolerant manner. However, if they feel that our values are in conflict with Islam, and they feel they cannot assimilate and be loyal Americans-even if it means taking up arms against other Muslims in the War on Terror, then, at the risk of being called Islamophobic, racist, xenophobic, or whatever you choose to call it, I can only repeat what former Prime Minister John Howard of Australia publicly proclaimed to his country's Muslims a couple of years back: He told them that if they could not accept Australian values, then they should return to where they came from.

    I think that advice applies everywhere in the West. And I am not afraid to say it.