MSM buries France2 v. Karsenty; case reveals MSM's complicity in Pallywood to advocate own agendas; condemns press' credibility

Fabricated Al-Dura campaign unjustifiably defamed image of Israel and Zionism; worse than that, it has eased West's resistance to Islamization, claims defendant in France2's al-Dura libel case, Mr. Philippe Karsenty in DemoCast.TV exclusive interview.

'Pal-e-gandist' stringers have been duping mainstream-media ("MSM") elites (& the public) for years. That is why the mainstream-media have avoided reporting on and showing the evidence my case released. The film exposes and implicates all of them and calls-into-question their ethics, their supposed objectivity, and their own agendas,' alleges defendant in France2's al-Dura libel case, Mr. Philippe Karsenty.

Was Philippe Karsenty calling France2's Enderlin's edit of al-Durah 'a fraud' a libel? Defendant Karsenty speaks with DemoCast days before the court verdict is rendered on the significance of revealing the Palestinian government's manufactured victimhood to damn Israel, and the media's complicity in perpetuating and disseminating these libels globally - which:

- Vilified Israel, Jews, Zionism and Zionists in the mind of the public;
- Created an empathy for Arab-Muslims to welcome their immigration into the West; and
- Generated billions of dollars ino embezzlable foreign-aid for Palestinian politicians.

Mr. Karsenty asserts that the mainstream-media ('MSM') has avoided reporting on France2's al-Dura imbroglio because, regardless of the verdict, the evidence has exposed:

1) That ALL global news services have been relying on Palestinian-Muslim journalists in their employ;

2) That their own Palestinian-Muslim journalists, cameramen, and videographers are revealed to be knowingly complicit in reporting what they know to be fraudulent- the PA's fabricating atrocities against Israel;

3) That the France2 Affair is evidence that respected news services, such as news agencies (AP, Reuters, AFP, UPI,), national broadcasters (e.g., BBC, EuroNews members), channels (like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News), networks (e.g., NBC, ABC, CBS) might all be guilty of compromising their integrity by augmenting, embellishing, and globally-disseminating knowngly-fabricated libels against the Jewish state - because it is the Jewish state, thus becoming knowing-accessories in these crimes.

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