Jihad is a cultural power-quest driven by Arab oil-money. Israel/Palestine won't resolve it.

Here, in a new DemoCast-filmed exclusive, Dr. Tawfik Hamid rectifies the misconception that global Jihadist imperialism is motivated by the Israel/Palestine conflict. Contrary to conventional presumption, he explains that the imperialist Jihad (and associated, terror-intimidation) is actually fueled by an Arab oil-funded, Islamist cultural network of mosques, schools, clergy. It is this religious dogma, he claims, which drives hatred and domination of non-Muslims, particularly Jewish people and the Jewish state.

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  1. Cue picture of our President kissing this guy....

  2. "Exiled Iraqi clowns cheer refugees" is the smiling-face BBC News spins on this pathetic story of a team of child-therapy clowns murdered in Iraq, with the survivors forced to flee to no-man's status in Syria.


  3. Hizballah chief: "The disappearance of Israel is inevitable, it is divine law"


    "Reformist" Sheikh Qaradawi: 'Today's Jews aren't apes and pigs, but it's okay to blow them up, just the same!'