How ethical Germans acquiesced to genocide against Jews

Laurence Rees, writer/producer of "Auschwitz : Inside the Nazi State," (aired on PBS & BBC) explains why this series is important:

"Auschwitz is a physical place-the site of the single largest mass murder in the history of humanity. More people died on that one single spot than the British and the Americans lost militarily in the course of the entire war. It is unique. Coming up now to the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of the camp, we're able to draw on all of the new information that's come out of the East: the plans of Auschwitz that have been discovered and all the new research that's been done in the academic world relating to Auschwitz and its role in the whole Nazi scheme.

What greater purpose can history have than to try and lead people toward a possible understanding of how this crime could ever have happened? Without an understanding of how it happened, you can't begin to look around the world and think why it might happen again."

Watch these 2 excerpts and try to understand the mechanized extermination of an entire people. More available on PBS website.

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