Arrogance? Meet Nemesis!

Today's media circus-teers should take a lesson from the Ancient Greeks, Victor Davis Hanson reminds us.

"The Greeks believed that insolence naturally leads to bullying, or hubris. This arrogance induces a mad behavior called ate. Finally, that recklessness earns well-earned destruction unleashed by the god, Nemesis..."

Hubris and Nemesis, claims Hanson, were a key factor in the fall of pompous broadcast host, Don Imus. In the Duke University scandal, he applies it to those who derived benefit from the allegations, including reverse-bigot plutocrats, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, and the news media.

"Three Duke players were unjustly accused of rape and sexual offense by an African-American stripper. Local district attorney Mike Nifong, some of the Duke humanities faculty, the Duke University president, and the ubiquitous race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton all swarmed on a perfect scandal for political advantage and self-promoting sermonizing.

After all, beer-drinking, rich, white lacrosse athletes were supposedly brutalizing a poor woman of color, forced by her poverty to submit to them sexually.

Despite no evidence, the accused students were charged with felonies. The coach is long gone, and the entire team was disbanded for the year.

The academic mob added its own rush-to-judgment, easy condemnations. Then District Atty Nifong won re-election as a populist crusader against supposedly racist preppie sex-offenders. Seemingly ignoring evidence that the victim was making the charges up, this lynch mob went headlong into mad excess.

Then, wham, Nemesis hit them, too."

Hubris and Nemesis also play significant roles in reporting about political Islam ('Islamism') and Israel. The news media's mis-depiction of the two Palestinian Intifadas (1988-1991 and 2000 til present) has damaged itself and western society through its own hubris. By scapegoating Israel for presumed amorality against a perceived (but Arafat-crafted) Palestinian rebellion, the roles of the Israelis as occupiers and the Palestinians as those seeking to liberate occupied West Bank and Gaza were permanently cast. The news media have largely interpreted any global Muslim aggression to be consistent with that story and that motivation.

Since 9/11, in spite of the evidence of the global, Islamist imperialist movement's reliance on media manipulation to influence international policy (bin-Laden videos) the news media still goes out-of-their-way to rationalize the imperialist movement within Islamism by exaggerating the culpability of the "Zionists"(e.g., evidenced in Reuter-gate staged and doctored photos from Lebanon) and their imperialist ally, the U.S., also mis-characterized as an "unwanted occupier and oppressor."

Public sentiments of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism are strong world-wide, concomitantly mollifying the West against standing firm to defeat Jihadist imperialism in the Middle East and uprooting it domestically, as France has exemplified.

Marvin Kalb, in the Harvard Study, "The Media as a Weapon in Asymmetrical Conflict," gives evidence that "the Arab narrative is one of a continuing conflict with Israel, one battle leading inexorably to another with intervals reserved for rest, training, recruitment, and the acquisition of new weaponry. Therefore, the conflict ends only when Israel ends."

An arrogant, Western media's prideful scapegoating of Israel continues to mollify the West against the truly malevolent imperialism which continues to challenge freedom around the globe, Islamism.

"Because the harder they come, the harder they'll fall ... one and all." - Jimmy Cliff

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