Muslim Infidel Apprehended at Arafat's Grave as Kahane-Killer & Worse

(The Binyamin Kahane family van that US-armed Khaled Shawish ambushed in late 2000). (photo courtesy kahane.org/gallery).

"Holy" warrior, Khaled Shawish, arrested by IDF engaging in ultimate act of infidelity at "holy" grave of Arafat.

An elite IDF unit arrested a senior commander of the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, Khaled Shawish, in Ramallah on Monday, the Jerusalem Post reported. Officials said that Shawish was behind dozens of attacks, including suicide bombings in Jerusalem as well as shooting attacks on roads in the Ramallah area. He was believed responsible for eight murders, and dozens of injuries.

Two of those killed Rabbi Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, son of Rabbi Meir
Kahane, and his wife Talia, both U.S. citizens in December 2000. Five of their children were seriously wounded.

Shawish, deputy to Ramallah-area commander of Arafat's Force 17, Mahmoud Damra, also organized the murder on October 30, 2000 of U.S. citizen Esh-Kodesh Gilmore. According to a report in Haaretz, Shawish was personally involved in the shooting of the Kahane family. For seven years Shawish, 36, evaded arrest by Israeli security forces, making him one of the most wanted figures in the West Bank. But on Monday afternoon a joint IDF, Police Counter-Terrorism and Shin Bet operation led a Special Forces team to arrest him in his car in Ramallah. He was armed but reportedly indisposed.

World Net Daily
reports that "According to Israeli security officials and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades sources in Ramallah, Shawish was arrested after the Israeli police stormed his jeep, which was parked in a lot outside the Muqata, about 200 feet from Arafat's grave.

The sources said at the time of his arrest, Shawish was having intercourse in the back seat of his jeep with a Palestinian woman," who was not his wife. The WND report added that "The Brigades, founded by Arafat, largely considers the late PLO leader's resting place to be a sacred site. "

According to Israeli and Palestinian security sources, Shawish, as a member of Force 17, received US training in 1997 at an American managed military base in the West Bank city of Jericho. The base continues to train Force 17 members. Multiple other Brigades members who also double as Force 17 officers previously received US training.

The US in recent months reportedly transferred large quantities of weapons to Fatah, purportedly to back Abbas' military organizations in recent deadly clashes against Hamas.
The last confirmed US weapons transfer to the Palestinians took place last May and consisted of 3,000 assault rifles, but WND reported multiple other transfers later were delivered to Fatah, including a cache of 7,000 rifles last January and about 8,000 assault rifles in February.

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