Palestine Whistleblower: Media Complicit in Biased Reporting to Scapegoat Israel; Vulnerablizing West to Jihad

Watch intrepid Palestinian-affairs analyst for The Jerusalem Post, Khaled abu Toameh, expose systematic bias among the foreign-press industry to whitewash Palestinian corrupt theocracy to conform to their outlets' anti-Israel world-view.

Mr. abu Toameh just completed a speaking tour of California universities. In this Wall St. Opinion Journal column, he exposes the terror games Hamas is playing to elicit western financial support.

In this video interview filmed exclusively with DemoCast several months ago, Mr. abu Toameh reveals that Palestinian leaders (e.g., the Fatah and Hamas regimes, not Israel, however) have condemned Palestinians to suffer by prioritizing institutionalized, Islamist imperialism against Jews and Israel. He contends that the world should realize that:

1) we have been fed a systematized media-distortion of the reality about the Arab-Israeli conflict;

2) that the Palestinian Administration, and not Israel, are to blame for the poor state of Palestinian conditions;

3) that the Palestinian quest to conquer Israel is directed as a division of the global, Islamist imperialist crusade.

The news media covering Israel and the disputed territories, by intentionally not reporting the Palestinian Authority's tyranny & corruption, have been complicit in failing to contradict empathetic notions of Palestinian victimhood as a constant result of Israeli immorality.
Mr. Toameh contends that Yasser Arafat co-opted a naiive news industry through a deftly-managed, mis-information campaign to create Palestinian provocateurs in order to demonize the defender, Israel, through news reporting.

Like other Islamist regimes (e.g., Saddam, Iran, Saudi Arabia) the Palestinian Authority fosters fundamentalism (and terrorism) to distract their societies from their developmental failures- contrasted with modernity- represented regionally by Israel, whom the news media conveniently, religio-culturally scapegoat. This whitewashe the imperialist political nature of the global Jihad, to extend social and political control of the West to the authoritarian, Islamist political movement.

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