Isolate Apocalyptic Iran Regime- Exploiting Islamist-Imperialism to Destabilize World Through Gulf, Islam

Iranian reformer in exile, Morad Moallem, explains the mentality of the totalitarian regime ruling Iran seeking the defeat of the West through petro-economic destablization, to be replaced with their brand of Islamist, social and political control.

He encourages the steps that the West ought take to save the world from Iran's fascist regime, including a boycott of Iran's oil (and cutting most economic ties to Iran) in order to spur a popular revolt against the Mullahs and to usher in a democratic Iranian administration.

He advises that to call attention to the plight of disappeared, political prisoners languishing in Ahmadenijad's jails, political prisoners throughout Iran will commence a hunger-strike in prisons throughout Iran beginning this Saturday.

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