'Never Again' or 'Ever Again'?

'Ignoring the Wickedness Which Targets Jewish People' Nov 09, '06/ 18 Cheshvan 5767

This Veterans' Day/Armistice Day week also commemorates a noteworthy synchronicity. It's also the anniversary of the Nazi's Kristallnacht (the night of the broken-glass) by Germans against their Jewish citizens. And it marks the 16th memorial (by the Hebrew calendar) of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League and Israeli member of Knesset from the movement he founded, Kach.

Following a speech he gave at New York City's Mariott Hotel on November 5, 1990, Rabbi Kahane was assassinated by a militant Islamist, radicalized here by mosques in the USA.

14 years prior to the west's alarming assassination of Theo van Gogh by a jihadi on the streets of Amsterdam, Rabbi Kahane's prophetic message to defend Jews from Islamism was so uncomfortable to humanistically-inclined Jewish and Israeli leadership, that they intentionally marginalized him and his political party, Kach.

The NYPD and the FBI demonstrated similar reverse-bigotry against Rabbi Kahane, complicitly minimizing the investigating his assassination by Egyptian-born, El Sayyid Nosair- attributing it to racism, instead of investigating the jihadist conspiracy Nosair was involved in. From Wikipedia:
Dozens of Arabic bomb-making manuals and documents related to terrorist plots were found in Nosair's New Jersey apartment, also Army Special Warfare Center manuals from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, secret memos linked to Joint Chiefs of Staff, tapes of the Blind Sheik threatening "high world buildings," and 1440 rounds of ammunition. (Lance 2004 26). Osama bin-Laden contributed approximately $20,000 towards his defense.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, "In taped messages made before killing Kahane, Nosair urged others to launch a jihad....
"Remember ye brothers that God the Almighty commanded us to fight," he said, according to a federal transcript of the tape. 'Without fighting there will not be justice on earth...We cannot establish God’s rules on earth except by fighting.'"[1]

Defended by attorney William Kuntsler, Nosair was convicted as part of the trial of the "Blind Sheik"
Omar Abdel-Rahman. Both received life sentences for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing conspiracy, in Nosair's case life plus 15 years imprisonment.
Moreover, complicity towards immorality against Judaism, as both Kristallnacht and Kahane's marginalization synchronicitly illustrate, can result in an ironic, karmic boomerang.
In a nutshell, the FBI was not only taken off Rabbi Kahane's case, but all Islamic "infiltrating" was halted. President Clinton ordered the CIA, and the CIA then demanded that the FBI cease and desist. The Congress also put the squeeze on the FBI. Why? The true motives are anyone's guess. However, from 1990 until the 1993 first World Trade Center bombing, these groups were not monitored. ...One needn't be a cynic or a conspiracy theorist to make one salient observation: Kahane's murder (that of an often-maligned rabbi, deemed a "radical" and a "racist"), and the lack of a proper investigation into its cause, was of very little import to most. This was especially the case in the non-Jewish communities, and, to a certain extent, in the Jewish communities both in the US and in Israel.Imagine that. It took fifteen years, and thousands of deaths, to finally point out what should have been obvious to all. That is, that the opening shot fired by the Islamic jihadis on US soil was Rabbi Kahane's assassination, and that the jihad is ongoing - with no end in sight. (3)

Had the government pursued the inciters behind El Nosair, in addition to averting the 1993 WTC bombing, they could also have deported Imam Gulshair Shukrijumah. This would have averted his son, Adnan's, ability to implement al-Qaeda's "American Hiroshima," which today threatens the entire world.

Linked is a spiritual speech about Kahane's philosophy and its political ramifications about Israel and Jews. Walter Bingham on Arutz Sheva Radio (Kahane segment begins 24 minutes into the audio program).




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