Journalist Hamid Mir Enquiry

A skeptic has challenged the credibility of alleged 'exposer' of Osama - Hamid Mir- recently promoted at America's Truth Forum Symposium in Las Vegas. Both Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch (forum posting below) elaborate on an allegation about providing an unwitting soap-box for al-Qaeda-approved messenger.

"He lost all credibility with me (attendee & JihadWatch poster) well before he said that Hezb'Allah was disarmed after the Israel/Islamic conflict this past summer. He was on a mission and when Janet over at Frontpage Mag sent me this gem, it all made sense;

I just had a conversation with a Muslim reformist and author/publisher from Pakistan (MuslimWorldToday?) who is threatened by fatwas by the likes of Al Qaeda. Heconfirmed that non-Muslim journalists have been able to interview Osama when Osama wanted to convey a particular message to the West. However, he stated thatno Muslim reporter can reach OBL unless he agrees with his jihadist mission to establish the worldwide Caliphate. According to my well-respected source, AQ hasintelligence (often dating back to a person's youth) on all Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Indonesia who are active in any field. It is therefore impossible to survive, let alone live, in Osama's territory if you are an active Muslim and don't agree with the jihad. In other words, it is impossible to hide from AQ in that region.

Furthermore,according to this Pakistani publisher who lives on the West Coast, Hamid Mir was on an Al Qaeda-sanctioned mission to the West. He maintains that AQ provides tickets, photographers, bodyguards, etc. for its operatives to come to America and talk to the public.
The PTF (Symposium) was used for their purposes and ultimately gave him a legitimate forum to further the deception of the West.

Hamid will now be able to return home and report on his mission. His photographer will provide proof of a successful mission that included the Hamid's participation in a forum composed of many of the prominent
anti-jihadists in America today. "

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