Islamist Supremacists Shoot to Kill Innocent Jews & Pets

Jack Khoury from Ha'aretz

"...Friends said that Dave Lalchuk was not the sort of man to run away or alter his routine because of the Katyushas. Despite the numerous rocket hits in the area, he continued working in the citrus groves and caring for the animals he loved, including his beloved dog, Blackie.

The ambulance crew and kibbutz members who rushed to the scene found the dog lying by the body in a state of great distress. Kibbutz members tried to remove the dog from the scene, but Blackie insisted on remaining beside his friend. Even once the body was removed, the dog refused to budge from the spot for a long time.

Avi, a Nahariya resident and Lalchuk's best friend, could not keep from crying, as did police officers at the scene...."

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