"The Cease-fire" by Tashbih Sayyed, Ph.d

The latest flare-up in a 59 years long war to wipe the Jewish state off the map of the world is fast approaching its expected closure. Israel is once again being forced to leave the job of eliminating the Islamist threat unfinished. The world's powers, blinded by their anti-Semitism, politico-commercial considerations, and regional agendas, want Israel to stop pursuing its legitimate campaign to secure itself by eradicating the Islamist threat from its door steps: they want an immediate cease-fire. ...

This war has already laid the foundations of a revolutionary change in the
region. The Muslim world will never be the same. Observers watching the recent
developments on the Muslim street have no doubt that a new Middle East is being
born. But if a premature cease-fire is imposed on the Middle East, it will be
very different from what US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has in mind.

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