UCLA campus IslamoMarxists belie their professed utopianism by heckler-vetoing historian Robert Spencer's lesson about Palestine

UCLA alumnus, Rabbi Parry, rebukes both the IslamiMarxist mob's leaders, as well as UCLA administrators for kowing to them to deny the Y.A.F. club attendees their pre-scheduled educational session from Robert Spencer.

Robert Spencer lecturing at UCLA in 2019
The UCLA chapter of Young Americans for Freedom reported that UCLA administration last-minute locked-out their scheduled club-guest presentation by Islamism/political-Islam expert, Robert Spencer. A loud march by IslamoMarxist protesters was held on May 15th, the day Arabs designated to draw attention to their offensive war against Israeli independence in 1948).

The march started at the site of the (now uprooted) encampment, past the Ackerman Union building at which the lecture was scheduled to be held.

Robert Spencer, director of JihadWatch.com (and author of numerous books) reacted to the college administrators locking-out him, his hosts, and audience. He told us, "UCLA has proven once again that our universities are not centers of higher learning, but radioactive wastelands of far-left-indoctrination - that are run by fascists - and that train fascists - who cannot stand the light of truth to be shone on their activities."

Mr. Spencer spoke about the Islamist crusade to dominate Western Civilization at the American Freedom Alliance forum in L.A. in 2023. Spencer teaches about the Islamist imperialist movement to dominate Western societies, including Israel, Europe, and the Americas.

UCLA alumnus, Rabbi Moshe Parry explains his frustration at the administration's capitulation to the Marxists to pre-empt the historian, Mr. Spencer. 


The demonstrators returned to the site of their (now removed) encampment in front of the Royce Hall stairs - to rally their effective censoring of the critical scholar's teaching opportunity.

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