'Leftists' pressing states to divest from Israeli innovations which benefit humanity - are evil' | by George Gilder at FreedomFest '23

Futurist, George Gilder discusses the importance of graphene technology and its potential to solve the heat crisis in today's electronics. He emphasizes the significance of supporting Israeli companies in this field, stating that those who oppose her are prejudiced by theo-social libels towards wickedness. 

Dr. Gilder attributes his understanding of the situation to his broad knowledge in economics, technology, philosophy, and religion. He contends how "envy" plays a destructive role in human affairs and that "The Israel Test" offers a moral mirror- whether one admires and emulates ones who excel us - or envies them - endeavoring to tear them down- as in the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers. 

How is it that you understand the situation so well compared to most people who hear it second hand?

I've spent my life into studying economics and technology and philosophy and religion. I'm a generalist - I'm not some narrow specialist who's blinded to all the real issues in the world. I've always been writing about capitalism. I understand the deadly role of envy in all human affairs - and the key into the Israel Test is "how do you respond to people who excel you in ingenuity, achievement, excellence, wealth? 

Do you admire them and emulate them and try to follow their example? Or do you envy them and try to tear them down? and that's The Israel Test and it's the key issue cleaving the global economy.

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