The debt-bubble is popping - what comes next? Ed Dowd at American Freedom Alliance Conf.

Ed Dowd, Phinance Technologies partner addressed an
American Freedom Alliance Conference, April '23 in L.A.
Ed Dowd, founding partner of Phinance Technologies discusses the anomalies in the financial system and his concerns about its future. Speaking at the American Freedom Alliance's "World War III: The Early Years" conference in April, Mr. Dowd points out negative M2 money supply growth, which historically leads to financial panics and bank failures. He predicts a deep recession, and warning that the debt-based central banking system often leads to conflict, potential wars in the next five years.

He advises holding cash equivalents like treasury bills in retirement accounts and suggests caution with gold in the short-term. Mr. Dowd also expresses skepticism about replacing the Petro dollar with the Petro Yuan and warns against digital currencies, which he sees as a form of social control. He encourages resistance to compliance and criticizes the concept of 15-minute cities. Mr. Dowd believes individuals can exercise their power to seek alternatives and move away from oppressive regions. 


00:00  In this section, Ed Dowd, Robert F. Kennedy Jr's invited treasurer, discusses the current anomalies in the financial system and expresses concern about the end of the global monetary system. He points out that M2 money supply growth has gone negative for the first time since 1930, which historically leads to serious panics in the financial markets and bank failures. Dowd predicts a deep economic recession, potentially even a depression, and warns of the possibility of war talk and actual wars in the next five years.

He believes that the central banking system, based on debt and fiat currency, is a war system, as inflation and deflation cycles often lead to wars. Dowd advises individuals with retirement accounts to hold cash equivalents like treasury bills and suggests that while gold may not be a bad long-term investment, it may go down in value in the short term. 

05:00  In this section, Mr. Dowd expresses his skepticism about certain investment options and discusses his concerns about globalist powers and their impact on the US economy. He dismisses the notion that China can easily replace the Petro dollar with the Petro Yuan, stating that the US dollar is deeply ingrained in the current global financial system. 

Dowd also expresses his worries about social control through digital currency, referring to it as a slave system that takes away freedom and liberty. He opposes the adoption of digital currencies in the US and encourages people to resist compliance with such systems. Additionally, Dowd criticizes the concept of 15-minute cities and believes that control over individuals and their choices is not acceptable. Lastly, he suggests that people have the power to move away from oppressive areas, like California, in search of alternatives. 

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