Holocaust's lessons being un-taught? Survivor of Nazi-labor camp and Israeli-American relate their views

UK schools are eliminating Holocaust history from curriculum- due to pressure from Muslims and their anti-Zionist, leftist sympathizers. US statistics show shocking ignorance about Holocaust among young people.

Israeli-American Girl Scout, Sivan Barashi, returned from a Scouts' trip to the Auschwitz Museum in Poland with a sense of the scope of the institutionalized genocide which she feels is not being adequately addressed in American schools' history curricula. Why might the subject discriminatorily be de-emphasized by Christians and/or liberals in public (and private) middle and secondary school education?

Nonagenarian, Daniel Szafran, survived the Nazi genocide of European Jewry as a slave laborer. Living in Las Vegas, he met with a small group of Israeli-American Girl Scouts who took an educational trip to the Auschwitz camp - where he was incarcerated. He doesn't feel that Holocaust education is emphasized sufficiently in America or even in Israel. 

Mr. Natan Barashy bemoans leftist influence in minimizing history resulting in the Holocaust in educational curricula. He also condemns Democratic Socialists throughout the world buying-into the libel which reverses Israel's defense against Islamist-Imperialist, Iranian-armed, Palestinians as "aggressive" - but supporting the anti-Semitic Muslim world, religiously mandated to annihilate the Jews of the world in a Muslim-led Holocaust against Israel. 

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