SoCal right-talk-radio audience meets their hosts to address prospects in the Trump Era

Talk-radio hosts from Republican and Libertarian, Salem Radio's 870 KRLA The Answer interacted with a microcosm of their broadcast audience at the Alex Theater in Glendale, southern California.

Larry Elder, Brian Whitman, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Jennifer Horn, and occasional guest-host, Dr. Sebastian Gorka assessed U.S. policy and society after the first eight, tumultuous months of the Trump administration. 

Salem Radio host Michael Medved and Sebastian Gorka
answered audience questions during and after the Town Hall
We asked Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a US security policy veteran of the Trump Administration why he feels that our civic officials entrusted to protect us, omit reference to the motivations of the Islamist movement against Western societies? How does this protect us from or steel our loins against jihadism? 

Host, Larry Elder was asked what perspective Sebastian Gorka brought to his first-time Town Hall appearance.  Elder also addressed Democrat obsession alleging Pres. Trump as racist. 

"The Morning Answer" radio co-host, Brian Whitman, who considers himself a genuine liberal, reveals how he feels about self-professed liberals inhibiting and disrupting talks by Republican speakers, such as his former co-host, Ben Shapiro, at live appearances he makes on university campuses.

Jewish, Liberal critics have attempted to smear Dr. Sebastian Gorka as anti-Semitic, lumping him in with their mis-characterizing Pres. Trump as racist. What does Zionistic air-personality/author Michael Medved of Salem Radio think about this?

Town Hall will return at the Alex Theater on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

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