British-Israeli survivor of Palestinian terror campaigns to end incentivizing Muslim hate and violence

Kay Wilson featured in UK Daily Mail article
On December 18, 2010, Anglo-Israeli pianist, Kay Wilson was giving a tour to visiting Texas Christian, Kristine Luken, 46, of a Judean Hills hiking trail. Muslim men attacked them with knives, slaying Ms. Luken and leaving Ms. Wilson for dead. Ms. Wilson's story of survival during the holiday of Chanukah is nothing short of miraculous.

Texan, Kristine Luken was
slain by Palestinians thinking
that she was Jewish
Last December, Kay Wilson was traveling through the Los Angeles airport site of a Muslim limo-driver's

attempted massacre at the El Al Airlines check-in desk only 10-months after the terror of Sept. 11, 2001. Six people survived being shot or stabbed, but 2 Israeli-Americans were murdered

In this video interview,  Ms. Wilson shares her story and aim of ending Western taxpayer money being paid to the Palestinian governments who offer encourage incentive pensions for terrorism acts against Jews. Kristine, Kay says, was murdered because the Muslims presumed that she was Jewish.

On December 18th, the anniversary of her assault, yesterday, she published the following message from her home in Israel's capital city, Jerusalem:

Kay Wilson addresses young people on public diplomacy
"Seven years ago today, under knife point in a forest in Israel, I learned things they don't teach in college. I am privileged to share what I have learned, (here with a group of young people training to be ambassadors for Israel) and with you now.

1) Until tragedy struck I was oblivious just how fragile life is. Yes, I paid it lip service but had not absorbed it. Now I am fully cognizant that today may be my last day alive.

2) The terror attack revealed that up until then, I thought life was all about me. I mean, terrorism happens to others, but it could never happen to me.

Staples stabilized Palestinian's stabbings of Kay Wilson
3) To see MY survival as miraculous gives me a deluded sense of self-importance and frankly is insulting to the dead. I am thankful of course but survival does not make me G-d's favorite little sunbeam.

4) The question is not "where was G-d", but "where was mankind?" What kind of sick world do we live in where people can chop up other people? And is there something I can do about it?

5) There are always people far worse off than me.

6) Wealth is to be found in the richness there is in appreciating moments not just occasions.

7) If you love or appreciate someone, tell them why. Be specific.

8) I maintain my right not to forgive. The only moral response to evil is to hate it. "Those who are merciful to the wicked will be wicked to the merciful." This wisdom from the Talmud has given me clarity and also enabled me to form friendships with very dear Arab Muslims.

9) The Israel-Palestinian conflict is not in essence about land. It is a continuation of Islamic pogroms against Jews that began in the 7th century and has not stopped ever since. Kristine was murdered because they thought she was Jewish. That's what her executioners said. Period.

10) My story is in part, Israel's story. They tried to murder us but we are still here. And we are here to make our world a better place.

May Kristine's name be a blessing, may her family be comforted, and may G-d avenge her blood."

Two weeks ago, the British-raised Ms. Wilson published this note:

Ms. Wilson was horrified to learn from news reports that her assailants
one of whom as Kifah Ghanimat, pictured, were being paid a monthly
stipend equivalent to £750 each effectively from the Palestinian Authority
"Up until now, the two terrorists who tried to murder me have EACH received over £41,000 ($55,022) for the attack. If that isn't despicable enough, Britain (of which I am also a citizen) has now granted 20 million pounds more to the Palestinian Authority's General Budget.

The British government may claim that these funds only goes to education, but Palestinian Media Watch (see link below) have repeatedly shown the British, that at least 7% goes to the cold-blooded murderers. For a civilized country that claims it is against terrorism, it sure has a funny way of showing it.

I'm beside myself with disgust and outrage. Actually I am near to tears. It is the rabid injustice of it all. Knowing that you good people will feel the same, I have tagged the British Embassy. Please do comment so the message that it is NOT ok, can be passed onto this politically correct and spineless government. Thank you!"

UK in Israel  https://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=24412  

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