Patriot Day ceremony in L.A. reminds first-responders of the war on terror

 L.A.P.D. and L.A.F.D. brass participated in the city's
annual Sept 11th/ Patriot Day ceremony in Elysian Park
The Los Angeles Fire Department held its annual Patriot Day ceremony on September 11th, with a gathered audience of police, firefighters, the media, and Fire Cadets. LAFD Chief Ralph Terrazas, Police Chief Charlie Beck, and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla addressed the crowd.

Chief Terrazas paid tribute to the New York firefighters who rushed into the burning towers of the World Trade Center to successfully evacuate thousands of people in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Many did not make it out themselves: Of the nearly 3,000 Americans killed that day, more than 400 were first-responders, including 343 New York firefighters.

The total number of rescue and recovery workers to have died since Sept. 11, 2001 exceeded 1,000 as of last year, according to a Newsweek report.

Calif. Secy of State Alex Padilla (right) and former L.A. City
Councilman Tom LaBonge stand before the largest remnant
of NYC's jihadist-collapsed World Trade Center

This year, FDNY Capt. Orio Palmer was honored for his heroism on Sept. 11, 2001. After the second plane hit the South Tower of the WTC, Palmer took an elevator to the 41st floor, then ran up 37 more flights of stairs to reach the impact zone on the 78th floor.

Former L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge told DemoCast, all were here today to recognize those who lost their lives ... in the Twin Towers- and well over 300 firefighters, NY Police Department as well as the Port Authority (Police). ... After 16-years, look at the children of this firefighter (referring to Capt. Palmer) - now she's 25 and older and maybe having a family herself, but never to meet her father because that chief gave the ultimate sacrifice."

"Let's honor the fallen not just by remembering but by being active," said L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck. "We remember, but we also come together to commit and to recognize."

L.A.P.D. Chief Charlie Beck addressed 9/11 ceremony
California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, like President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, avoided mentioning the Islamist-motivation of terrorists or their agenda- waging jihad to conquer non-Muslims (and their lands) for the Ummah (Muslim communities around the world). Mr. Padilla's attributed why they attacked us as: "...Their (the victims) lives that were cut far too short were lost because of our very way of life. Those freedoms I've talked about. That democracy that we pride ourselves in.  So let's continue to be proud of our values as a nation. We value diversity, we value equality, we value speech, we value freedom of religion, our ability to practice our own faith."

None of the other speakers of this day mentioned who attacked America 16-years ago that day, or who is still waging jihad to conquer non-Muslims (and their lands) for the Ummah. Watch to see what officials claim was the motive- and who they name as the culprit challenging the West, then and now. And how a veteran Fire Captain feels about the cover-up.

 Capt. (ret.) James Finn
Pres., L.A.F.D. Educational Institute
For the past 16-years, Western government officials have avoided educating the public about Islamic imperialist history of terror intimidation and conquering non-Muslim societies under Islam (as two, historic jihads have in the Middle East, north Africa, and Europe). Today, fundamentalists influence politics (and public opinion) through acts of aggression- not only from organizations, such as The Islamic State/ISIS or Al-Qaeda (who conducted the 9/11 attacks), but also by individual, radicalized Muslims.

September 11th is the one day on which people relax society's imposed Islamophobia-filter and are most receptive to being taught not just how we were attacked, but who, why, and what movement has been at war against non-Muslims since the attack on US Marines barracks in Beirut, October 23, 1983.  For the sake of the youthful cadets' as well as public safety, September 11 is a good time to address that jihadists attacked us then, and continue hostility to dominate, convert, and control non-Muslims all around the globe.

We spoke with Islamist political expert, Daniel Greenfield, editor of FrontPage Magazine's "The Point" and the Sultan Knish blog, at Beverly Hills' 9/11 Memorial Garden after the L.A.F.D.'s 9/11/17 Memorial Ceremony.

Mr. Greenfield asked when imperialist Japan and Nazi Germany fought us, what would have been the wisdom towards national security if our officials avoided mentioning their names or goals?

Today, we have a generation of young people too young to have learned the need for our defense against Islamism- political Islam. In his November 2002, letter to the American people, Osama bin-Laden wrote the intention of the Islamist movement, "What are we calling you to, and what do we want from you? The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam. . . . It is the religion of Jihad in the way of Allah so that Allah's Word and religion reign Supreme. And it is the religion of unity and agreement on the obedience to Allah..." (Source: Full text: bin Laden's 'letter to America').

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