Heroes of Conscience Awards winners revitalize the true "resistance"- to Islamo-Marxism

Holland's Geert Wilders and David Horowitz at AFA Awards
Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders, visiting Los Angeles to accept an American Freedom Alliance's Hero of Conscience Award, expresses optimism that support for patriotic candidates is growing, albeit more slowly than needed to protect cities from Islamic immigration and terrorism. He joined American recipients, David Horowitz of the Freedom Center and Philip Haney, former Dept. of Homeland Security whistleblower author, "See Something, Do Nothing" at a ceremony in North Hollywood in late May, 2017.

Geert Wilders accepts an American Freedom Alliance's Heroes of Conscience Award with a firebrand speech: 'We must not be silent, we shall not cease! The Islamic revolution is a threat to liberal Judeo-Christian western culture which we must stamp-out!' MP Wilders is the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid – PVV) and goes into detail on steps he wishes people insist their government representatives take to keep them free and safe.

Reformed Leftist, David Horowitz, accepts Hero of Conscience Award from American Freedom Alliance

1970's liberal turned conservative, David Horowitz, writes his own books and runs website, FrontPage Magazine, chronicling the patriotic resistance to Leftist, identity politics and cultural Marxism. Watch his acceptance speech of the Hero of Conscience Award from the American Freedom Alliance in L.A. 21 May '17.

Dept. of Homeland Security patriot, Philip Haney, discusses receiving the American Freedom Award for exposing former Pres. Barack Hussein Obama's duplicity in counter-terrorism management.

Author, Philip Haney, who elucidated in his book "See Something, Do Nothing" how Obama had his administration force his demotion after complaining about Obama's managers deleting thousands of Dept. of Homeland intelligence records on Islamism in the U.S. and their international networks.

Daniel and Elana Greenfield speak with AFA's Olga Matlin
AFA Exec Dir Karen Siegemund and Jim Simpson in bkgd
American political analyst, Daniel Greenfield, reflects on American Freedom Alliance's Heroes of Conscience Awards event. He comments on Pres. Donald Trump's Middle East efforts to put Saudi Arabia on notice to reign-in their imperialistic extremist movement through international mosques and madrassas. He addresses continued, misplaced Jewish-establishment criticism of Pres. Trump and David Horowitz.

Political artist, Sabo, reacts to Geert Wilders' speech

Political artist, Sabo, reacts to Dutch legislator, Geert Wilders speech regarding placing limits on Muslim immigration into the Netherlands - and proposing forced assimilation or deportation.

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