Sept 11th +15yrs: How well do we recognize that Islamists are at with the West?

LAFD Memorial contains remnants of WTC and Pentagon
After 15-years, ought Sept 11th be at least one day we can acknowledge the Islamist motives which oppose liberty?

In its quest to spread Islamist domination, Islamists kill more Muslims than non-Muslims world-wide. Los Angeles' 9/11 Memorial at Van Nuys Station House 88, (from which first-responders traveled to NYC's World Trade Center to assist in the rescue and recovery mission) presents physical remnants from the attacked World Trade Towers and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. 

At L.A.'s annual 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at Fire Station 88- which lost firefighters at Ground Zero on Sept 11, 2001, Los Angeles Fire Department Deputy Chief Daryl Arbuthnott of the San Fernando Valley Bureau addressed the audience with consolation for the victims. No one in the ceremony addresses the agenda of the hijackers or their role in the greater, global Islamist movement to subjugate non-Muslims to Islam.

L.A. millenial, Grace Bannon at 9/11 Memorial Museum
Deputy Chief Daryl Arbuthnott references visiting the 9/11 Museum at the site of NYC's World Trade Center. We encountered a visiting 20-something Angeleno, Grace Bannon at the 9/11 Museum. She candidly revealed what what NY's 9/11 Memorial Museum teaches (or doesn't) about the Islamists' motivations (and ongoing threats to democracy). She reveals what her generation has (and hasn't) been taught in general about the about Islamism and free-people's obligation to recognize and resist it.

NY Fire Dept bas-relief etching at Memorial Park on W 48th St

N.Y. Fire Dept hosts a memorial park in tribute to the rescuers killed by Islamists- outside Battalion 9 Station House in Midtown Manhattan. Sept 11th awareness primarily addresses Western victimhood, but rarely addresses the Islamic theological imperatives to spread Islam over non-Muslims, who are considered less than fully human, via means including intimidation and terror.

Egyptian-American, Nonie Darwish, whose Egyptian-Army-officer father was killed fighting against Israel, explains how Muslims are taught to regard kufars (non-Muslims).

How L.A. and N.Y.C. are similar in their counter-terror policing practices. LAPD Capt. Andrew Neiman, Valley Bureau at Sept. 11 ceremony at Pentagon and WTC remnant display at LAFD Stationhouse 88 in Sherman Oaks.

African journalist, Stephen Tebid, decries attempts to discredit acknowledging Islamism as a motive for Islamic terrorism (or discrediting valid criticism of the Democrat administration's philo-Islamist policies) as Islamophobic.

A dozen years after 2001, the 8th grader who sings the national anthem at the September 11th Attack commemoration ceremony in Beverly Hills is asked some basic questions about the 9/11 attacks and consequent war- with surprising answers.

High-school senior, Savanah Palacio, (Miss Teen USA contestant from Beverly Hills in 2013) explains what high-school has taught her about the identity and intentions of the 9//11 jihad attackers, and America's defense against jihadism, and to protect freedom from totalitarian Islamism.

Stephen Tebid declares that 'racism-branders' inhibit understanding and protecting ourselves against Islamic-terrorism.

 "The greatest victims of Islamic terrorism, first of all, are Muslims. So those who use racism as an excuse to stifle debate are complicit with terrorists. They protect terrorists, they help terrorists, and they inhibit a free and impartial discussion of the evils of Islamic terrorism- let's call it what it is," Mr. Tebid says.

What should our September 11th wake-up call remind us? Islamism (political Islam) fights to subjugate non-Muslims who must openly condemn and challenge it. And, despite Islamist-lobby groups endeavoring to taboo it, opposing Islamism isn't racist, but noble.

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