Rubio & Kasich's own state primaries vital on route from R.J.C. to A.I.P.A.C.

The campaigns of Republican presidential candidates Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio face ironic challenges- to win among their own state constituents- in the March 15th primaries. 

Kasich confident after strong finish in Michigan, by Jim Provance, Toledo Blade March 9.
Voicing confidence after his good finish in Michigan on Tuesday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential aspirations now rest on his home state on March 15. He hopes to carry Ohio’s 66 delegates as a badge of honor into remaining primary states, and perhaps a contested Cleveland convention. Read more
John Kasich and Marco Rubio face Judgment Day in their home states on March 15. Both are losing. By Peter W. Stevenson, Washington Post, 4 March 2016

Florida and Ohio are almost always two of the most hotly contested states in American presidential politics — in November, not in March. Or at least, not until March 2016, when Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio desperately need to win their home states in order to stay in the race to the GOP nomination.
We hearken back to the Republican Jewish Coalition Spring gathering where, for the past 2 years, John Kasich and Marco Rubio where introduced to Jewish Republicans (among other candidates) for support.

"Hedging Presidential Bets in Vegas" in Bloomberg:Politics 4/26/15

The Republican Jewish Coalition has become an audition for 2016 candidates hoping to woo wealthy donors—chief among them billionaire Sheldon Adelson. by Julie Bykowicz
...Throughout the weekend, behind closed doors in his office, billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson, held private meetings with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and a stream of other Republican politicians.
None of these gatherings was on the official agenda for the Republican Jewish Coalition’s leadership conference, a three-day affair that included a poker tournament, golf, speeches, and sessions on topics such as women and youth involvement in elections. The conference began Thursday night with a 75-person dinner on the tennis court of Adelson's new home, carpeted for the occasion. Mitt Romney and Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus spoke at that. And it ended Saturday night with a dinnertime speech by former President George W. Bush. Almost everything was closed to the press, except four speeches Saturday, by Cruz, Perry, Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

But the sidebars tell the real story of why the RJC is a force in Republican politics: Its members include some of the party’s biggest donors.
That means, at least for one weekend a year, Nevada ranks right up there with first-caucus Iowa in political importance. For Cruz and Perry, this was literally true. The two spoke at the RJC conference Saturday morning and hopped on planes for the 1,400-mile trek to Waukee, Iowa, to speak later in the day at an event organized by that state's Faith and Freedom Coalition. Read more
DemoCast filmed this video story at the 2014 Spring event- with remarks by Ohio Gov. John Kasich, RJC Chair Matt Brooks, Commentary magazine editor John Podhoretz,  and Z.O.A. honcho Mort Klein.

As of the end of 2015,  his R.J.C.
introduction had helped earn Rubio rumored favor from Mr. Adelson. Florida's March 15th primary will be a vital milestone for him as the AIPAC Policy Conference approaches days later.

AIPAC has announced that Hillary Clinton is the first presidential candidate to have accepted their invitation to address the Policy Conference (which begins March 20th).  The organization historically lobbies Washington for the Israeli government's policies. 

At that R.J.C. event, we asked Commentary's John Podhoretz whether he feels that the AIPAC Policy Conference intentionally promotes Democrat candidates to mainly Democrat member donors:

Gov. John Kasich addressed the R.J.C. gathering- and answers audience questions:

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