The homegrown jihad lesson that the Muslim Lobby and Obama conceal

Muslim leader from CAIR tells CNN America bears some blame for terror attacks" Fox News, Dec 4
Hussam Ayloush, Exec Dir., CAIR-L.A (photo: Jim Hoft)
According to a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, America bears some of the blame for the bloody wave of Islamic extremism that has brought terrorism to San Bernardino, Paris and locations around the world.

In a Friday CNN interview, Hussam Ayloush, of the group’s Los Angeles chapter, said American foreign policy has helped fuel the rage that drives Muslim radicals to kill in the name of their faith.

“Let’s not forget that some of our own foreign policy, as Americans, as the west, have fueled that extremism,” Ayloush told “New Day” host Chris Cuomo during a discussion about Wednesday’s terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif., where a Muslim married couple killed 14 and wounded 21 at a holiday party for the county health department that employed the husband, Syed Rizwan Farook.

Southern California CAIR leader of on Muslim attackers' motives: "Massacre may be work-related or rage-related"

The San Bernardino Terrorists Weren't Radicals - They Were Mainstream
A huge tiny minority of extremists by Daniel Greenfield in FrontPage Magazine

After Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook killed 14 Americans in their corner of the Jihad over in San Bernardino, the media began its long laborious search for their moment of “radicalization”.
Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook injured 22 and killed 14
The assumption that the intersection of terrorism and Islam can only be an aberration lead to the conviction that there was some moment in time at which Malik and Farook became “radical extremists”. . .

But what if Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were never “radicalized”? What if neither of them “influenced” the other? What if both were exactly what they appear to be, devout Muslims who hated America and believed that it was their religious duty to kill Americans? What if this attitude did not show up last week or last year? What if it was the way that their culture and religion taught them to live? Read more:

Nonie Darwish: The Sad Reasons for the Delay in Publishing Photos of Tashfeen Malik - Dec 6 Pamela Geller.com

Obama does not even care about appearances when it comes to Islam and protecting Muslim sensitivities. It is not just Americans who are left wondering why Obama appears more concerned about the reputation of Islam than the reputation of America. But many around the world, including Muslims in the Middle East, are wondering about Obama’s loyalties and priorities. 

(In this exclusive video interview, author Nonie Darwish tells DemoCast why she feels authorities are incorrect to characterize the matter as "radicalized Islamist terrorism)." 

Having been born and raised in a Muslim culture, I have little doubt that the Muslim leaders Loretta Lynch met with asked her not to show the photo of the Muslim female terrorist. Their explanation for keeping the photo away from the public eye was probably because they claimed that showing a photo of a veiled Muslim terrorist who was also a new immigrant would inflame Americans against veiled Muslim women.  Read the full article on: http://pamelageller.com

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