Does new convention, PolitiCon foster understanding or incite further partisanship between attendees?

With a schedule of speakers from across the political spectrum, the premiere PolitiCon sounded intended to bring Democrats and Republicans together in a spirit of mutual civic interest and patriotism. But with what felt like a 70/30 liberal attendee tilt, a tribalist dynamic took over and the respect which Republicans expected was replaced with Obama-era, liberal contempt.

Here, posing with Republican performance-artist, Brayton, contempt-inciting radio host, Stephanie Miller adds to her gallery of Republican-mocking photos. 

Ms. Miller tells DemoCast facetiously, "I have a rash from being so close to so many right-wingers. I actually touched Ann Coulter- gawd!"

Rep. Michelle Bachman educates antagonistic challenger about Iran's apocalypticism as Larry Elder looks on

Jessica an actress from Hollywood reacts about PolitiCon's attendee breakdown and mistreatment of conservative panelists and attendees from liberal attendees.

The former congresswoman from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann had to school a sophomoric antagonist attempting to rationalize enabling nukes to apocalyptic messianic Iran. He tells her Iran would be deterred from using them- because of the "mutually-assured-destruction" premise from the rational but imperialist Communist Soviets. She explains otherwise.

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