If even Egypt wants Israel to de-militarize Hamas, why is NBC putting this Islamist advocate back to interpret the conflict for America?

Many Western audiences are led to sympathize with Hamas due to biased reporting from mainstream-media sources.  Holly Williams from CBS News focuses on the small picture Hamas wants the world to see- Gazan casualties. That's what damns Israel and draws international aid, which Palestinian leaders live off (and steal from).  CNN removed reporter Diana Magnay for tweeting Israelis were "scum."

Particularly biased reporting has come from NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin, who finally got replaced by Richard Engel. But leftist pressure has persuaded NBC to over-ride the withdrawal decision and put the former Al Jazeera star back in.   Oddly, he never reported about the Palestinians' institutionalized Jew-hatred.

NBC resumed Ayman Mohyeldin in Gaza

Walid Phares says, "What the American public is not able to see is a rise of significant criticism in Egypt against Hamas. While Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Iranian propaganda networks thrive on US campuses, a wave of popular rejection of Hamas is spreading throughout Egypt. And that is what really count in the equation.

In this video a powerful criticism by a national commentator of Hamas' "irresponsible actions." In the US, CAIR would have called him "Islamophobe," but in Egypt he -the Muslim moderate- called CAIR's allies, Hamas, "reckless."

In "Why Hamas Said No to Egypt's Sisi" Khaled abu Toameh explains why Hamas rejected the same ceasefire terms from Sisi which they accepted from Morsi.
Gazans attack PA Health Minister Jawad Awwad
By rejecting the cease-fire, Hamas has shown that it prefers Israel's bombs to Sisi's offer. For Hamas, Sisi represents a hostile regime that has declared war on the movement and its Muslim Brotherhood allies in Egypt.

Hamas holds Sisi responsible for tightening the blockade on the Gaza Strip by keeping the Rafah border crossing closed and destroying hundreds of smuggling tunnels along the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The last thing Hamas wants is to award Sisi -- and enhance his standing in the regional and international arena -- by accepting cease-fire "initiative" from him.

Similarly, Hamas does not want Abbas to play any role in a cease-fire agreement lest that strengthen his standing as the representative of all Palestinians.

Statements by Hamas leaders over the past week have been extremely critical of Abbas's stance regarding the war with Israel. Top Hamas officials have gone as far as condemning Abbas for conspiring with Israel and Egypt to eliminate the Islamist movement and end its control over the Gaza Strip.

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