Having suffered the damage of electing Dinkins once and Obama twice, why are NYC'ers about to vote-in 'Obama 2.0' in Bill de Blasio?

Joe Lhota (R) and Bill de Blasio (D) debate NYC's future under each other
Can NYC withstand a return to Dinkins-era weakness - in an era of Obama-enabled Islamism?

On the eve of the NYC mayoral election, polls show left-wing progressive Bill de Blasio with a huge lead over eading Republican Joe Lhota.  CNN'S Bryan Koenig writes:
According to an NBC 4 New York/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll released Monday morning, de Blasio has a 41-percentage point 65%-24% lead over Republican Joe Lhota among likely voters.

De Blasio, the city Public Advocate, has enjoyed the commanding lead virtually since he won the crowded Democratic primary in early September, edging out once-dueling frontrunners City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and scandal-plagued former Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Lhota, a businessman, deputy mayor under Republican Rudy Giuliani and former head of the New York City transit authority, has been unable to close the gap with attacks blasting de Blasio for a perceived lack of executive experience, being soft on crime and his seeming eagerness to tax the wealthy.

None of the attacks have stuck with voters, leaving de Blasio poised to be the first Democrat elected mayor of the heavily liberal-leaning city in nearly a quarter century. He's run by promoting the idea of a New Yorker split in two between the haves and have-nots, while attacking Lhota for "extreme" Republican ideology. 
The winner will succeed outgoing three-term independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
The de Blasio campaign scored big over Democrat primary leader, Christine Quinn, employing this TV ad featuring his mixed-race son, Dante- produced by David Axelrod's consulting firm.

Joe Lhota's criticised de Blasio's policies would drag NY back to the woes of Mayor David Dinkins days (columnist Michael Goodwin augmented in in "It's not divisive, it's the truth" in the NY Post) 10/20/13:
"When Mayor Rudy Giuliani took office in 1994, there were 1.1 million people on the (welfare) dole, including many full-time college students, and (previous Mayor David Dinkins’ team assumed the total would hit 1.5 million. They saw welfare as compassion and didn’t have a clue about its corrosive effects on families and the work ethic.

Giuliani knew better, and pushed for workfare and anti-fraud reforms that became part of the historic legislation President Bill Clinton signed. Mayor Bloomberg continues the approach, and now there are fewer than 400,000 city people getting welfare grants.  ... Joe Lhota is right to sound the alarm about a Mayor de Blasio, who is actually far more radical than Dinkins ever was. 
The attacks from the Dem goon squad are predictable, but more troubling is the silence of many people who know better. Terrified of de Blasio in City Hall, they are terrified to say so. They act as if they live in a police state, which is what they’ll deserve if they forfeit their right to pick a side.
Conditions under the liberal administrations of Mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins' in the 1980's increased crime to 3 times the current rates.  In 1981, muggers robbing Bernhard Goetz, a NYC electronics entrepreneur, in a subway station left him with permanent injuries to his leg and torso. NYC authorities then denied his application for a pistol license, but he purchased one in Florida. which enabled him to stave-off another gang threatening to mug him on a subway 3-years later.  The  pre-Giuliani crime conditions which created the "subway vigilante" came back into focus since the Friday before the election, when for selling just $30 of marijuana to a lady decoy, Mr. Goetz was arrested and jailed overnight.  
Despite the small amount of pot involved, Goetz was ordered held overnight Friday due to the lone charge that stuck to him — felony gun possession — from the notorious vigilante case. See "Goetz hit on pretty cop who busted him for pot" NY Post Nov 2, 2013
In the dystopian"It's DeBlasio Time," by Daniel Greenfield ("Sultan Knish"),  NYC returns to its bad old days under liberal governance- but this time with a soft-eye towards Islamic militantism under the multi-cultural, Mayor de Blasio. 

"Bill de Blasio promised that he would shut down surveillance of mosques. And he kept his word. And the terrorists kept theirs. They say ten thousand people died. But a hundred thousand were affected by the gas pouring through the subway tunnels all the way down to Times Square. Some of them may die. A lot of them have scarred lungs. 
President Clinton has promised that she will get those responsible. Meanwhile there are jets overhead and soldiers in the streets. They help keep down crime a little. But it's been a year now and Mayor de Blasio wishes they would leave. They're upsetting everyone in the mosque that the terrorists visited before they loaded up their canisters into backpacks and took the A train.
The NYPD could have stopped them. It would have stopped them under Giuliani and Bloomberg. But the terrorists were smarter than you. They waited for De Blasio time." Read more . . .
Barack Obama campaigns with Bill de Blasio at Junior's Cheesecake counter
Business journalist Palash Ghosh lays out the parallels between candidates de Blasio and Barack Obama in far-leftist world-views and governing inexperience in this International Business Times article Bill de Blasio is Just 'Obama 2.0' Oct. 14, 2013.
... Not even (de Blasio's) lack of singular achievements, his vague promises of income equality and his links to Communists have jeopardized his quest for City Hall whatsoever. Most of the public simply does not seem to be bothered by his unqualified status (as the nation as whole felt about Obama in 2008).  
It remains to be seen, of course, if de Blasio will be good for the city or not. But if he follows the path taken by his political idol, Obama, New York City may be facing some dire times ahead.

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