"Yasser Arafat could NOT have been poisoned by polonium!" Russian medical agency chief leaks

"Yasser Arafat could not have been poisoned by polonium," Russian medical agency chief leaks, Russian biologist exposes exhumed Arafat polonium as planted post-humously for political benefit - invalidating new report of polonium on PLO-leader's remains as causing death in 2004.

In November, 2012, JewTube.Info reported that Dr. Roland Masse, radiopathologist at Paris' Percy hospital which treated the dying Palestinian leader in 2004, had decried the exhumation of Yasser Arafat to test for poloium poisoning.  He declared that "the symptoms of polonium poisoning would have been “impossible to miss,” noting that Percy had tested Arafat for radiation poisoning, and revealed that the hospital specializes in the related field of radiation detection. “A lethal level of polonium simply cannot go unnoticed,” he said, speaking as workers in Ramallah on Tuesday began the process of preparing Arafat’s grave for exhumation. 

Today, Lebanese news site Naharnet (quoted by Yid with Lid and Israel Matzav

Earlier today Russian News service Interfax earlier quoted FMBA (Russia's Federal Medical-Biological Agency) head Vladimir Uiba as saying he did not believe the report published in British Medical Journal, The Lancet over the weekend saying that Swiss radiation experts had found traces of polonium on Arafat's clothing.

"He could not have been poisoned by polonium," Uiba told the Russian news agency.  "The Russian experts who conducted the investigation did not find traces of this substance."
Even without the FMBA, the fact is The Lancet's report of polonium on Arafat’s “tighty whiteys” is an elaborate hoax. Polonium has a half-life of 138 days, which means every four-and-a-half months (give or take a day or two) only half of the radioactive substance would remain. The amount suppossedly found on Arafat’s gown and boxers, eight years after his death translates to levels that would have also infected his doctors and wife during his last days. In other words, the polonium was added more recently than eight years ago. 

As Yaakov Lappin reported in this July 2012 article in The Jerusalem Post: 'Polonium found on Arafat's clothing was planted'
Dr. Ely Karmon, of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya’s Institute for Counterterrorism, is a specialist in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear terrorism ....  Karmon added that the Al Jazeera report raised additional unanswered questions. Referring to the fact that Arafat’s widow, Suha, provided the researchers with Arafat’s belongings, Karmon asked: “If Suha Arafat safeguarded these contaminated materials, why, after seven years, was she not poisoned too? She touched these things and Arafat in hospital.” 
In 2006, ex-Russian spy turned dissident Alexander Litvinenko died after being poisoned with polonium, according to a British investigation. British authorities analyzed a restaurant, a cab and a hotel used by Litvinenko to trace the poison.
“Did Al Jazeera check the home of Suha Arafat in Paris and Malta where she kept the items for traces of polonium, as the British did in their investigation?” Karmon asked.
Karmon also cited an article published Wednesday by the French daily Le Figaro which, he said, reported that the symptoms found in Arafat’s French medical file do not fit a polonium poisoning.
After Arafat’s death, “why did neither Suha nor the PA agree to release the French hospital’s medical file?” he asked.

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